Dry Floor Friction Testing

Dry Floor Friction measures the slip-resistance of your flooring surface in dry conditions. The test method will measure the coefficient of friction and is used in dry conditions. The method is predominately used in shopping centres or any undercover public areas.

The self-propelled equipment called the Tortus will measure the (CoF) coefficient of friction by dragging or pulling a specialized rubber slider across the substrate to a set minimum distance outlined in testing standard AS4586 & AS 4663. The Tortus machine runs at a constant speed in a perpendicular direction. Two test runs are required in each location with the average taken and recorded.

Not providing duty of care within public areas can have several significant negative implications such as personal injury. Dry Floor Friction Testing ensures your facility is adhering to standards and that conditions of the facility are safe or not. PQR are not affiliated with any suppliers, so you can rest assured our services are completely independent and impartial.