Online Assessment Welding Inspections


Note: Please have relevant AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS available for reference before starting quiz.

Finding the right Inspector for the right project is an important part of our client and employee service process and while traditional recruitment and labour hire processes are focused on maximising the volume of placements they make, PQR is different. We are committed to working with both you and our clients to achieve a superior level of match that will ensure a WIN WIN for everyone, and please remember, as one of PQR’s Inspectors we will always provide you with 24/7 technical support regardless of what project you’re placed on! This is why our online assessment process has been developed to ensure a fair and consistent consideration of your application to join PQR’s Inspection team, but also importantly, it will ensure we provide you with the necessary level of technical support.

The process will include a number of questions, including both multiple choice and written. You will be given a set amount of time to complete all questions and although we will be interested to see how many questions you can complete within the allocated time, this is NOT the most important consideration. The depth, accuracy and overall quality of your answers are what we are most interested in. If you have been asked to complete our online assessment it will mean you have already provided us with a copy of your resume and current certificates and that we are keen to match you with a project as soon as possible. We believe this process will assist you as much as ourselves. If you are completing this assessment as part of an opportunity we are currently considering you for, it is likely you will be a strong match for the job. If however you aren’t placed in this particular role the chances are it wasn’t the right job for you – but it certainly doesn’t mean you have failed; it just means our client has a very particular Inspector in mind.

At PQR Inspectors are our lifeblood and it is important we place you on projects that you are most compatible with and will also enjoy. If you have been asked to complete this assessment in preparation for future opportunities, we will contact you immediately we have an opportunity that matches your capabilities and availability.

To complete this assessment please have the following information ready BEFORE starting:

• Your personal contact details including an active mobile (cellular) telephone we can contact you on confidentially

• A valid email address we can contact you on confidentially

Please work quickly, but ensure you focus on ‘quality’ responses. If you don’t complete all questions before the assessment expires don’t worry – we will receive all questions you have answered and this will greatly assist us in understanding the best type of project to place you on. Once you have read and understand these instructions click the “Begin Quiz” button below to get started.