Australia-wide and International Best Practice Inspection Consulting Services

PQR has rapidly grown to become one of the Industry’s most trusted Quality Inspection and Consulting Services solutions providers, and delivers an end-to-end project management consultation service to facilitate all project-critical phases, including sub-contractor assessment, in-process quality inspections, and importantly, closing out of project quality documentation.

Collectively PQR’s team has spent a lifetime engineering QA and QC solutions and mitigating risks for client projects. We are passionate about getting projects across the line and the combined knowlestrategists and hands on skills and competency of our dge of our consultant inspection team, delivers significant and measurable impacts. PQR has successfully developed inspection solutions for a diverse range of projects and sectors including – Construction, Mining and Resources, Commercial, Oil and Gas, Civil and Engineering and more.

PQR works with a diverse portfolio of clients to dramatically reduce stress and pressure associated with the sudden and unforeseen delay in project completion that often threatens budgets. Where PQR works in a strategy consultant capacity and identifies quality and inspection needs prior to a project kicking off, we are able to guarantee performance because we understand the full scope of the project.

International and Australia-wide Inspection Services

  • 3rd Party Coating Inspections
  • Coating and Corrosion Surveys
  • Coating Sub-Contractor Assessment – facilities and documentation deliverables
  • Welding Inspections
  • Welding Procedures
  • Welder Qualifications
  • MDR Advice, Set Up, Audit and Review
  • Coating Failure Analysis
  • Material Selection
  • Coating Selection and Specifications
  • Consignment of Inspectors (if required)
  • Project Management