Coating & Corrosion Condition Surveys

Major Project Coating & Corrosion Surveys

PQR works closely with many of the Industry’s largest construction companies and projects to conduct regular systematic Coating and Corrosion Surveys to identify and mitigate risks associated with asset corrosion.

PQR are able, due to their many years of experience in conducting coating and corrosion surveys, mitigate the potential for escalating costs associated with major maintenance works that haven’t been previously forecast.

Whilst PQR recognises it is common practice for critical only issues to be addressed, and/or bandaged, as a means of keeping assets operational; PQR work closely with their clients to help them understand and avoid the pitfalls and high cost implications of widespread excessive corrosion failures.

PQR can systematically survey most assets and produce work scopes that will prioritise use of maintenance funds to address the most affected areas.

For 3rd Party Coating Inspection Services please visit our Coating Inspections page.