Coating Inspections

Qualified Coating Inspectors

PQR is proud of the reputation it has achieved as a 3rd Party Coating Inspection partner, which offers coating inspections in various formats – adhoc, fulltime and/or consignment. PQR’s Inspectors are fully qualified (NACE, BGAS and/or ACA) and highly experienced professionals that ensure project deliverables are met. PQR’s Inspectors are trained to fully understand the scope of work and client expectations, which is why all engagements commence with a critical information collation process.

PQR’s Coating Inspectors have been involved with many small and large scale construction projects, including:

  • Chevron Gorgon Project
  • Sino Iron Ore
  • Karara
  • FMG
  • BHP RGP4 | 5 | 6
  • Perth Arena
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Newcastle Coal
  • CBH Group
  • Woodside Pluto

PQR’s Coating Inspectors are proficient in performing and reporting on all coating related inspections to Australian and International Standards, including;

    • WFT – Wet Film Thickness
    • DFT – Dry Film Thickness
    • Ambient Conditions
    • Surface Profile Tests
    • Surface Contaminations (salt testing)
    • Cure Tests
    • Adhesion Tests
    • Low Voltage (Wet Sponge) Holiday Testing
    • High Voltage Holiday Testing
    • ITP Deliverables
    • Coating Document Review
    • Compilation of Coating Reports
    • Slip Testing (AS 4586, SAHB 198 & AS 4663)
    • Peel Test


    For Coating and Corrosion Surveys, Coating Selection, Specifications, Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and any other Coating Consulting Services; please visit our Coating and Corrosion Condition Surveys page.