QA/QC Services

Quality Services & MDR Consultants

PQR delivers a world class consultancy division to support QA/QC services and project deliverables, including:

  • MDR Consultations
  • MDR Counsel
  • MDR Set Ups
  • MDR Compilations
  • MDR Audits

As professional QA/QC consultants, PQR encourages it’s clients to develop the MDR progressively throughout the construction process. If this isn’t, or was not, possible during the construction process, the PQR management team and QA/QC Consultants have the capability and experience to facilitate and resolve issues to an acceptable level by the client, even at the completion of the project.

PQR QA/QC consultants can also provide expert advice when production and quality issues are unnecessarily impacting on a project’s delivery schedule.