Welding Inspections

Internationally Accredited Welding Inspectors

PQR delivers an unrivalled quality welding inspection service to clients in various formats – adhoc, fulltime or consignment.

All PQR Welding Inspectors are fully qualified (CSWIP and/or WTIA Cert 10) and highly experienced, ensuring agreed deliverables are met. PQR Welding Inspectors are trained to fully understand the scope of work and client expectations involved with each welding inspection project, which is why all engagements commence with a critical information collation process. PQR Welding Inspectors have been involved with many small and large scale construction projects including:

  • Chevron Gorgon Project
  • Sino Iron Ore
  • Karara
  • FMG
  • BHP RGP4, 5, 6

For assistance with Welding Procedures or Welding Qualification Services, please visit our Welding Procedures and Qualifications page.